Let The Trash Talk- An arts-based workshop exploring responsible consumerism for Global Shapers, Karachi Chapter. (click)


With Me in Widmer- The Wall Magazine (9+1 editions), Schule Widmer and community, Langnau Gattikon, Switzerland- in collaboration with Mara Zust and Dominik Bachman, as part of Programmes Kulturagent.innen Schweiz, Switzerland. (click)

Mini-Zine Library Project- The library of the Future, with Mara Zust at Gesneralle, Zurich, Switzerland


Mini-Zine Library Project and Zine Club, Schule Widmer and community, Langnau Gattikon, Switzerland- in collaboration with Mara Zust and local artists, as part of Programmes Kulturagent.innen Schweiz, Switzerland. (click)

Re-Searching- Series of arts-based workshops exploring the concept of research as part of the exhibition “Auf der suche”, Helmhaus, Zurich, Switzerland

Mini-Zine Library (Kolkatta-Pakistan Edition)- installation and public workshop at Volumes 2019 edition, Kunsthalle Zurich, Switzerland (click)


Star Festival- Collage workshop with refugees in preparation for the “Sternen, Open Air”, Winterthur, Switzerland (click)

Sommeraktion 2018- Creative afternoon with 7 year olds using textiles, paint and found objects as part of the Jugend Festival, Jugend Bueuro, Luzern (click)

The Mysteries- an arts-based self-exploration inspired by the ancient greek cult of the Eleusinian Mysteries. LSD75, Basel, Switzerland (click)

Songlines- a multi-disciplinary story-telling workshop with Project 325, as part of the ETH Zurich’s Cortona (click)

Building Bridges, Poesis Seminar at Step Ahead, Berlin, Germany


Media, Art and Peace-building– Five day workshop and festival in collaboration with Nick Lehnert and Leila  Bender as part of the “Practicing Peace Initiative”, Munich, Germany

Installation and workshop with wool (an exploration of a public space using wool as the medium). As part of an intervention by Franziska Koch – Gegen machtmotivierte Logiken mit Gespenstern, Drohnen, Pferden, Straftäterinnen und räumlich rechtlicher Diskrepanz (click)


Art-making workshops (X3) with children living in slums (with Anunda and Friends of learning), Kolkatta, India (click)

Art-making workshop (clay work) with inmates at Pablo Mental Institute, Kolkatta

Team building- Art-making workshop (clay work) with members of Aahung, Karachi, Pakistan


Exploring zine making as a tool for community development. Prohelvetia Art Research grant for Kolkata, India (prohelveti-Kolkatta)

Jugend Festival, a two-day mono-printing workshop with children in Luzern, Jugend Bureau, Emmen, Luzern, Switzerland (click)

Building Bridges .Two Poetry Seminars of three days each for Art for Social Change, Step Ahead Berlin


Expressive arts workshop with acid burn survivors in Pakistan. Acid Survivors Foundation, Islamabad, Pakistan (ASF Report copy)

Expressive arts sessions (X4) in Belfort (France) and Porrentruy (Switzerland) as a cultural mediator in collaboration with the theatre piece “ Requem de Salon”, Cours de Miracles, Delémont, Switzerland

Lead trainer in Poetry Seminar for MA Expressive Arts Students (Kunst Module), Step Ahead, Berlin, Germany

Exploring Peace Building. Two two-week residential expressive arts workshops for peace volunteers, South Asia Partnership, Lahore, Pakistan. (Report SAP)

Story telling workshop (X3). Serratus, Zurich, Switzerland


Expressive arts session with asylum seekers in project titled “Stories from Home and Here”. Won special prize “Salut l etranger! 2013” from Département de l’économie et de l’action sociale (DEAS), Neauchatel. (click)

Exploring Peace Building. Two residential expressive arts workshops of 14 days each for peace volunteers, South Asia Partnership, Lahore, Pakistan. (SALAM.pdf)

Expressive art workshop with migrant children in integration class at Schulhaus Hofstrasse, Zürich. (poetryworkshopreport-zurich)