public interventions


Holy Dub, St.Jakobs Kirche and Radio Lora. A musical interpretation of war with ten musicians, broadcast live by Radio Lora, Zurich, Switzerland


Mini-Zine Library Project and Zine Club, Schule Widmer, Langnau Gattikon, Switzerland- in collaboration with Mara Zust and local artists, as part of Programmes Kulturagent.innen Schweiz, Switzerland. (click)

Mini-Zine Library Project, Lahore, Pakistan and Kolkatta, India- in collaboration with Mara Zust (Zurich), Himanshu S (Mumbai) and local friends, made possible through an Artists grant awarded by Pro-Helvetia, Switzerland. (click)


Bibliotheque Wanderlust- Performance Art Festival, Giswil, Switzerland- story-telling workshops and performance in collaboration with Imran Nafees and Mara Zuest (click)

Arbres à Palabres– a street intervention to celebrate race through a public sculpture, music, story telling and food, Neauchatel, Switzerland. (click)


Ritual Trance Trouble – Performance with Christina Arn at OOR records.

Jugend Festival- workshop with fabric painting for 3 to 13 year olds, with the Jugend Bureau, Luzern, Switzerland (click)

Ausweis Kiosk- Aktions Tag, Uster, Switzerland. An art-making space aimed for personal reflection and sharing between refugees and locals. In collaboration with the Autonome Schule, Zurich (click)

Window display, TIGEL, Zurich, Switzerland (click)


Seminar- Exploring Humanity through the Arts, with A Step Ahead, Berlin  (click)

Emmenlich– 10 day Performative Installation recreating the “safe-space” of my kitchen/art-studio in the Jugend Buero, Emmen, Switzerland(click)

Morning Kiss– a poem at KunstUnion, Switzerland (click)


Boat- A participatory street installation with cardboard and acrylic on Refugee Day, Neauchatel, Switzerland (click)

Ask Love – a poem at KunstUnion,Switzerland(click)


Jugend Festival, a two-day mono-printing workshop with children in Luzern, Jugend Bureau, Emmen, Luzern, Switzerland (click)


“Health is my Right“, Seven day workshop and wall mural with teenagers, Imperial Public School, Lahore, Pakistan (click)