The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Very early into my clinical practice, I realized that I was not the prescribing kind of doctor, and neither did I see the point of handing out dangerous chemicals for every ache, pain and symptom encountered. I also realized that most of what my clients appreciated and responded to was my undivided empathetic attention and care, and what was important really for maintaining good health was a certain attitude to life and prevention.  This led first to my specialization in Public Health and Preventive Medicine, followed by a Masters in Health Systems Management and a foray into the international development scene.

Soon enough I realized the limitations in equitable service delivery and development that are inherent in the large beauraucratic systems of international aid that, more often than not, fail to be flexible, relevant to the context and pressing needs of target groups, and that are truly sustainable.

Still in search for the “magic pill”, I undertook a life-altering Masters in Inter-modal Expressive Art Coaching, Education and Consulting at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. The programme helped me bring together the artist and health professional in me, while allowing me to explore further and integrate all facets of my life under the supervision of some outstanding teachers and mentors. In order to deepen my understanding of the formal art sector, I finally undertook a masters in Fine Arts (Art in Public Spheres) from the Luzern School of Arts and Design.

The magic pill is art, though I have far to go to truly understand the pharmacokinetics!

From public health to public art, it seems I have completed full circle for now – and this is a circle i wish to go around for some time to come.

My latest venture is the Centre for Arts-based Methodologies and Wellbeing- do come visit (click here)


See detailed CV here: CVHabib2018

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